Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gowan and the Clanna Rory or the Rudricians

From the book "A History of the Clanna-Rory or Rudricians" by Richard Francis Cronnelly, Irish Genealogical Foundation, written in 1864

M'Gowan or Smith (Clan Cionga)
The MacGaibhnions, Augliee M'Gowan and Smith, are of the Irian or Rudrician race springing from Angus Gaibhnion or Ghobain, son of Fergus Gaileng. See Magennis's pedigree.

The MacGowan's were formerly chiefs in Dalariada, a principality in eastern Utonia; also of a district in the County of Leitrim forming the parish of Rossinver; and several highly respectable families of the name have been located in the County of Cavan from a very early period.

This family gave birth to many eminent ecclasiastics and literary men, and among the latter class may be mentioned Tadg Mac-an-Gowan, chief historiographer to the O'Conners toward the close of the 14th Century; Felan M'an-Gowan by whom, assisted by the O'Dugans of East Galway, was compiled "The Book of the O'Kellys," commonly called the "Book of Hy-Many"...

Arms - Argent a lion rampant gules between two cinque foils vert. Crest - a talbot passant.

When you consider the surnames that match our Y-DNA from multiple DNA databases, we match with several surnames (Quinn, MacGuinness, O'Neill, Ogg or Og, and possibly others whose current name may be hard to match) that are mentioned in this book and other material written about the Clanna Rory. It certainly makes you wonder...

There is still a lot of research to be collected that is missing between our ancestors William & Annastacia Gowan and the history found on our surname (Scotland and Ireland) within written historical materials. Within the analysis, we need to continue matching Y-DNA surname results with historical records. This will allow us to 'triangulate' the origin or history through association and location.

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